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Dragon T-shirt2 [3 colors]

Dragon T-shirt2 [3 colors]
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Dragon T-shirt2 [3 colors]
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accessories -S93L1
Due to the increase in the unit price and labor cost of the fabric,
Since 2024, the unit price has increased from the production products.

accessories model image-S57L10
Gonryongpo is too obvious.
It's different if Lissel makes it.
accessories detail image-S57L3
From small to big.Yongbo varies in size.
Generally, the diameter of the machine hand-held cloth sold on the market is about 19cm.
However, the diameter of the Yongbo T-shirt made by Lisle
Made in a stylish 26 cm super large size!
accessories model image-S57L5
The location and number of dragons mattered!

One? 2? 4? How many dragons will you attach?
Attach 4 beams, attach 2 beams, attach only to the stomach, attach only to the shoulder
We simulated a number of different cases.
When I put it on my stomach and back, my eyes were fixed on my stomach and chest, and my gaze was burdensome.
Judging that the stomach also feels enlarged.

It was set with a design that adorns both sides of the shoulder.
accessories model image-S57L8
I compared the plain T-shirt with no pattern and the Yongan T-shirt.
In order to express the dignity of the king, I thought that it was important to have a rich feeling that comfortably wraps around the body, so I made it with an overfit.

The most important thing in a street look is the fit!

A free and stylish fit is the most important thing, just as colorful lights surround you.
accessories model image-S11L5
accessories -S83L4
accessories -S83L5
accessories detail image-S76L1
accessories -S83L3
accessories detail image-S78L1
accessories -S83L7
accessories detail image-S89L2
The fabric thread type has been changed from the reorder product.
The weight and weaving method are the same.
The type of thread has changed, so you can feel a softer touch than before.
There is no significant difference visually, and the texture is different.

After running out of stock, the white color will be changed and sent.
Black and wine colors will also be changed sequentially.
Please keep this in mind when purchasing.
accessories -S87L1
accessories charcoal color image-S80L4
Originally, only M and L sizes were released.
It's too big. I want a smaller size.
Size S has been built to suit your request!

There is a difference of 8cm in cross section S and M and 5cm in length.
Please refer to the size table at the bottom of the page.

Size S is also overfit.

Shu: 160 cm / 43 kg / 44 size
Wearing white S, black M, and wine L sizes

accessories model image-S80L7

*Recommended size*

Women's 44–55 / Men's 90

Women's 55–77 / Men's 95

Women's 88 / Men's 100-110 (115 wearable - not produced as a boxy fit)

Women's model: Height 165 cm / 46 kg / Top 90 / Bottom 26 / Wear Wine S Size
Size S is also overfit.

accessories model image-S86L9
accessories model image-S86L11
Women's model: Height 165 cm / 46 kg / Top 90 / Bottom 26 / Wear Wine S Size
Coordinated Product: Miniature waist skirt [Black] F
accessories model image-S86L12
accessories model image-S86L13
Male model: height 180 cm / 67 kg / top 100 / bottom 30 / wearing black M size

accessories model image-S87L3
accessories model image-S87L5
accessories model image-S87L6
accessories model image-S87L7
Male model: height 180 cm / 67 kg / top 100 / bottom 30 / wine L size worn
Product we coordinated: Bonghwangmun Track Pants Shorts [Black] L
accessories model image-S87L8
accessories model image-S87L9
accessories model image-S86L2
Male model: 183 cm / 76 kg / Top 105 / Bottom 31 / Wearing white L size
Product we coordinated: Irum pants [Black] L

accessories model image-S86L3
accessories model image-S86L4
Female model: 165 cm tall / 46 kg / Top 90 / Bottom 26 / Wearing black M size
Product coordinated: Irum skirt [Beige] S + chrysanthemum knot chain waistband
accessories model image-S86L5
accessories model image-S86L6

The Hipest Hanbok in the World

I got this mail. There aren't many types of men's hanbok, and they're not that cool.
I want to wear more comfortable street wear.
If it is Lesle who always keeps challenging and innovating, I think we can do it.
therefore! challenge. The world's hippest 21st century hanbok t-shirt

accessories model image-S11L7
accessories model image-S11L9

clothes that are only permitted by Heaven.
Gonryongpo is a compound word of Gyunryong + Po. Gonryong means “child of the sky”.
Depending on the color, they were called Heukryongpo, Jaryongpo, and Hwangryongpo.
This dragon treasure is the most important part of Gonnyongpo. It is a dragon-shaped decoration.
Originally, a total of 4 parts were attached to the stomach, back, and shoulders.

accessories model image-S12L5
The portraits of King Taejo and Yeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty (Source) Eojin Museum, National Palace Museum of the Cultural Heritage Administration
a definite overfit
accessories color image-S15L1

Not only the width is large, but the length itself is more than 5cm.
Stretch enough, sleeves, length, everything comes with room.
It's not vaguely big, but it's definitely grown!

After cutting 1cm down, the fine details are combined to get this fit.
Lissel's T-shirt is the best fit that will make you look stylish the moment you put it on.
The perfect combination of shoulder angle, sleeve length and total length created a different feel.

There have been many designs of motifs using Gonryongpo,
Lisle feels completely different.Feel it.

Thickness comparison
accessories detail image-S32L3

Thickness is also very important.
Since it's short-sleeved, it has to be thin, right?

This dragon t-shirt is for a short-sleeved t-shirt
It's pretty thick.

accessories detail image-S32L4

try on
experience it firsthand
After several re-sampling
As much as it is a carefully selected fabric
You can trust and choose!

accessories detail image-S32L6

It's too much because it's gold?No worries.
accessories detail image-S15L9
Heat treatment of hand-tinted gold printing

accessories detail image-S15L12
Left) Dragon T-shirt final version vs Right) Dragon T-shirt initial sample

This is the tone-down gold and initial sample comparison color that was difficult to find through multiple tonal sampling.

If the initial sample was a slightly darker and dull gold color,
The final version is a little more shiny.

It's a color that can be worn on a daily basis.
It is such a color that the more you look at it, the more attractive it is!

It may not appear large in the photo, but
If you actually look at it, you can see a much brighter color of longan.
accessories detail image-S17L8
Breastplate (Source) National Folk Museum of Korea

Those who are shy about being flashy and striking.
Also, for those who want a reasonable price, we have prepared the [Standard] line using the printing technique. The breastplate is taken from a woodblock from the Joseon Dynasty that is stored in the National Folk Museum of Korea.

Worried that the print will come off easily?
It does not come off easily by using a fixing agent with strong adsorption.
Of course, if you wear it for a long time, there may be natural fallout.
It's not the kind of printing that comes off after 3-4 washes!

Gonryongpo is back in the 21st century.
accessories detail image-S17L6
accessories model image-S45L6

Female model: 172 cm / usually worn 44–55 / white M size
Male model: 186 cm / usually 100 / wearing black M size
accessories model image-S45L7

Coordinated Product - [LEESLE X KARD] Daenim Button Pants [Black]

accessories model image-S45L8

The colors above are closest to the real thing. It may look different depending on the monitor.

accessories model image-S80L27
Height 163 cm / Normal top 44 / Size worn: White M

accessories model image-S19L5

Height 182cm / Normal Top 100 / Wearing Size: Black L Mask Large


The colors above are closest to the real thing. It may look different depending on the monitor.

accessories model image-S20L2

Height 163cm / Normal top 44 / Wearing size: White L

accessories model image-S20L6

Height 182cm / Normal Top 100 / Wearing Size: White L Mask Large


The colors above are closest to the real thing. It may look different depending on the monitor.

accessories model image-S21L4

Height 182cm / Normal top 100 / Wearing size: Wine L mask large

accessories model image-S21L6

Height 163cm / Normal Top 44 / Wearing Size: Wine L Mask Medium / Oversized

accessories model image-S21L12

Height 163cm / Normal Top 44 / Wearing Size: Wine L Mask Medium / Oversized

How to enjoy printing products for a long time
accessories detail image-S22L15

Is this it?!Yes! To reduce the damage to the printing area as much as possible, flip it over, put it in the laundry net, and return it to the washing machine!
When ironing, be sure to cover the printing part (yongbo) with a thin cloth and iron at a low temperature!
There may be a reduction of around 2% after washing!
accessories -S80L8
accessories detail image-S80L9
accessories product image-S80L11
accessories detail image-S80L10
accessories detail image-S80L12
accessories detail image-S80L13
accessories sky blue color image-S80L20
The most important part of making Yongan t-shirt was
It was a material choice for a fit that was full of swag and luxury.
The Leestle team is designed to show off a hip fit and feel.

A lot of attention was paid to the texture of the fabric.
The fabric of the dragon t-shirt has deep ribs and is slightly rough.

Therefore, there are limits to the salt craftsman as well.
It's like below.
accessories detail image-S80L14
The fabric used is a deep corrugated 10 count fabric.

A thin logo, the border of the dragon may be slightly smeared.
Please note that this is an unavoidable phenomenon in fabrics with deep, rather wide ribs, and this is not a defect.
But it's only felt when you look at it up close.

Please let me know in advance as it may be uncomfortable for those with sensitive skin.

Do you want to know how to wash / care for a gold leaf T-shirt?

Read the Lisle textbook!
(Link directly by clicking on the image)

accessories model image-S52L1
size information
Makeup (back neck center - sleeve end)
5.Sleeve Width
- The actual size above is the 'length of the section'. please note.
- Depending on the measurement method, there may be an error of 1-3 cm in size.
- The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual color depending on the resolution of the user's monitor.
- The color of the product cut is the closest to the actual product color.
Wear information
ElasticityNonelasticModerateHighly Elastic
LiningUnlinedPartially LinedFully Lined
More Details
Cotton 100%
Wash Care
  • image-handwashHand Wash Separately
  • image-washerMachine Wash
  • image-bleachbanDo Not Bleach
  • image-cleanserUse Adequate Detergent
  • image-dryingShade Dry
  • image-dryerDo not use dryer
Black, white, wine.
Date of Manufacture
Country of Origin
A/S information and person in charge
기본 (디폴트) 고객센터/070-4218-2293


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