With design in which Hanboks are reinterpreted,
Leesle is the representative brand for modern Hanboks,
making normal days special.

Values of Leesle

We give presents making you happy.

Specialness of Hanboks makes us who wear them feel special as well.
Hoping that people wearing them are happy, we make the clothes happily.

We, Leesle, find values of traditions.

We make Hanboks intimate fashions you enjoy in daily life.
Getting Inspired from traditions, we ceaselessly create newness.

We make Hanboks being loved for a long time.

Dreaming of the 100-year brand representing the Republic of Korea,
we produce the clothes with strict criteria.
We continue to do culture activities sharing good experiences on Hanboks.

Brand Story

We, Leesle, a brand founding a genre of Modern Hanbok, started from ‘Sonjjang Design Hanbok’ in 2006.
Investing over 100 million won with a dream of the popularization and globalization of Hanboks,
we tapped into markets in Paris, Milan and New York.

But we failed miserably.
Overseas buyers showed interest in Hanboks, saying “They are Korean tradition clothes”, but nobody bought.
We thought, though it was good to keep and introduce Hanboks, that it is useless if nobody wears them.

Hanboks you can wear immediately.
Comfortable, intimate Hanboks like jeans.
The shapes of Hanboks we, Leesle, pursue.

To achieve our goal of making Hanboks a global fashion genre,
we are making them with the zeitgeist reflected.

She is in the center of Leesle

Combining the tradition of the Republic of Korea with the modernness,
she is leading innovation of modern Hanboks.

At 20 years old, she found her business after the twists and turns,
publishing a book entitled ‘I go to Hongik University with Hanboks put on’
and creating a craze of wearing Hanboks to the young generation.
Her passion is a peerless happiness crystal conveying Hanboks to daily life.



History of Leesle

  • 2022

    Awarded in ‘Field of Hanbok’ for the Korean Wave of the Republic of Korea
  • 2022

    Awarded ‘Commendation of Prime Minister’ from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • 2022

    Published ‘CEO Wearing Hanboks’, the second autography of Designer Hwang Yiseul
  • 2022

    Participated in ‘2023 SS Milan Fashion Week’for the first time ever as a Hanbok specialist
  • 2022

    Exhibited at ‘Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum’ in the United Kingdom
  • 2022

    Exhibited at ‘Textile Museum’ in the United States
  • 2021

    Awarded ‘Commendation of Prime Minister’ for the first time ever as a Hanbok brand
  • 2021

    Developed eco-friendly ‘Plastic and Jade Norigae (Traditional Korean Ornament in Hanbok)’
  • 2020

    A fashion show by the representative designer of the Republic of Korea on ‘Korean Hanbok Day’ in Gyeonghuigung Palace in Seoul
  • 2017

    Participated in 'Paris tranoi, Milano white'
  • 2015~

    2022 Over 70 Hanbok designs registered
  • 2015~2022

    Awarded K-Ribbon for Excellent Cultural Products from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for six years in a row
  • 2014

    Published the first autography of Designer Hwang Yiseul entitled ‘I go to Hongik University with Hanboks put on’
  • 2006

    Launched ‘Sonjjang’ Design Hanbok to introduce modern Hanboks

Leesle for Travel

We, Leesle, desire to give the world and Leeslers presents of special
experiences being with Hanboks.

Currently, we are selling products in 53 countries and, as having
entered Lotte Duty Free, providing people of the world
with experiences being with Hanboks.

Leesle’s Ways to Go

  • Culture Vitalization We, Leesle, suggest Hanboks as contents for popular culture.

    • - Made stage costumes for Jimin of BTS
    • - Made stage costumes for Mamamoo
    • - Developed collaborated Hanboks for KARD, global artists
    • - Made stage costumes for ‘Grammy Global Spin’ for Viviz
  • Industry Vitalization We, Leesle, lead revival of Hanbok industry and economic vitalization.

    • - Hanboks in collaboration with ‘Spao’, a brand of E-Land World
    • - Developed Hanboks with ‘Regen’, an eco-friendly fiber by Hyosung
    • - Collaborated for traditional accessories for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4
    • - Korea Meta Fashion in collaboration with Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
  • Globalization We, Leesle, spread unique values of the Republic of Korea to the entire universe.

    • - Participated in Milan Fashion Week for the first time ever as a Hanbok brand
    • - Participated in overseas fairs in Paris, Milan, and New York
    • - Operating the global website
    • - Conducting global e-commerce sales
  • Education We, Leesle, do together for the future generations to dream of Hanboks.

    • - Hwang Yiseul is an adjunct professor at Department of Clothing & Textiles of Chungnam National University
    • - Published books: ‘CEO Wearing Hanboks’ and ‘I go to Hongik University with Hanboks put on’
    • - Giving online class lectures
    • - Giving many lectures aside from special lectures at Jeonbuk National University, Chungnam National University, and Jeonju University

Leesle BI


It is named after ‘Hwang Yiseul’, the designer’s name, and modifying the first letter of the
first name from ‘Yi’ to ‘Lee’ had foreigners pronounce easily as well.
We, Leesle, are conveying our values to 54 countries across the globe.

The logo has a shape geometricized with the circle, rectangle, and triangle applied,
which are the creation principal of Hangeul, Korean Alphabet.
It has a shape of the vowel and consonant of Hangeul.


Changed into a circle, Leesle’s logo means ‘achievement and happiness’.
Motivated by traditional Pattern with Letter (文字紋) and Swastika (卍字紋),
it is used in textiles, packages, and all sorts of patterns.
  • LEESLE BLUE Bright and whitish blue color that has positive and diffusing energy.
    It symbolizes blue color reminiscent of the seaside in a travel destination and the sky path of traveling, and, at the same time, is a color based on Korean traditional mint color.
    Mint color is natural one, seen in a ramie fabric dyed with Common Dayflowers ripened.

    • PANTONE 319C
    • CMYK C 52, M 0, Y 19, K 0
    • RGB R 124, G 202, B 211
    • HEX #7ccad3

    • PANTONE 320C
    • CMYK C 78, M 24, Y 38, K 0
    • RGB R 0, G 156, B 156
    • HEX #009ca6

    • CMYK C 11, M 10, Y 12, K 0
    • RGB R 232, G 229, B 224
    • HEX #e8e5e0

    • CMYK C 69, M 0, Y 31, K 0
    • RGB R 0, G 204, B 203
    • HEX #00cccb

    • CMYK C 0, M 0, Y 3, K 5
    • RGB R 246, G 245, B 241
    • HEX #f8f7f3