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My own guardian deity to defeat bad luck in the new year - Obangsaek Plaok Norigae
bag detail image-S8L2
Upcycling Norigae with the meaning of the Five Elements
According to the oriental five events, a person has a stronger energy depending on the year, month, date, and time of birth, and a relatively weak energy.
It is said that if you fill in the energy that is lacking in you, harmony will occur and good things will follow.
Introducing the meaning of the five elements and an upcycling soother made by melting plastic.
In the year of 2022, give yourself and your acquaintances a special gift.
bag detail image-S8L3
* Preview of NORIGAE at a glance
bag product image-S8L4
bag product image-S8L5
◆Black soother (NORIGAE)◆
bag detail image-S8L7
bag detail image-S5L17
(This is a jade-shaped pendant using waste plastic, not real jade)
◆Red soother (NORIGAE)◆
bag detail image-S8L8
bag detail image-S5L18
(This is a jade-shaped pendant using waste plastic, not real jade)
◆Blue soother (NORIGAE)◆
bag detail image-S8L9
bag detail image-S5L19
(This is a jade-shaped pendant using waste plastic, not real jade)
◆Yellow plaything (NORIGAE)◆
bag detail image-S8L10
bag detail image-S5L21
(This is a jade-shaped pendant using waste plastic, not real jade)
◆White soother (NORIGAE)◆
bag detail image-S8L11
bag detail image-S5L22
(This is a jade-shaped pendant using waste plastic, not real jade)
Regardless of the five elements, you can choose and choose the temperament that you feel is lacking.
bag detail image-S8L13
bag detail image-S8L14
✦Which color suits you?✦
A flaok pacifier that will give me strength right now

Test what color it is!
bag detail image-S8L16
bag camel color image-S8L17
bag detail image-S8L20
bag detail image-S8L19
bag white color image-S5L25
Since the idea sketch was released, it has attracted a lot of attention.
Introducing 'PLAKOK NORIGAE'.
bag detail image-S5L26
From the moment I first thought of the design, the pendant design was created through the votes and opinions of the fans through Instagram.
The production process shared on social media received an explosive response with 1873 likes and over 200 comments.
bag detail image-S8L21
bag detail image-S8L22
bag white color image-S5L30
Is this waste plastic? Special material 'PLAKOK'
bag detail image-S5L32
bag detail image-S8L23
Plaok is a compound word of “plastic + jade” and was developed by LEESLE.
Upcycled waste plastic to replace jade.
If you make a jade pendant by recycling plastic, you can also illuminate the environmental value,
I decided to take on this project because I thought I could spread the tradition in a new way.

caution! This is a jade-shaped pendant using waste plastic, not real jade.
bag grey color image-S5L34
<PLAKOK modeling design>

It looks simple, but it took me three months to develop this pendant.
It was a difficult task from the stage of making the mold because of the complicated pattern.
bag product image-S5L36
It is made of plastic and is very light in weight.
It weighs only about 1/10 of the weight of the iPhone XS and feels lighter than the existing metal keyring.
And due to the nature of plastic, it has no luster like jade, so it retains a subtle mood.
bag detail image-S8L24
bag detail image-S8L25
bag detail image-S8L26
bag white color image-S5L40
bag product image-S5L41
평북자성 노리개 한 정장차림 부인 | 국립중앙박물관
bag detail image-S5L43
노리개 사진과 이미지 | 국립중앙박물관, 국립민속박물관, 문화포털
bag detail image-S8L27
NORIGAE was not just used for decoration, it was carried on the body with the meaning of wishes.
It is a fashion culture item with the meaning of auspicious things that can be worn at all times to ward off bad energy or bring good luck.
bag white color image-S5L46
A 'cloud' pattern that symbolizes protection and dignity
Clouds have two meanings.
First, it means to protect.
The guards guarding the king's side were called Byeolungeom (meaning cloud).
It is named after the dragon as it protects the king like the auspicious cloud that surrounds it when it ascends to heaven.
This is the reason why the cloud pattern is always included in the dragon treasure pattern that goes into Gonnyongpo.
bag detail image-S5L49
정조세자 책봉 의례도 | 서울대학교 박물관
bag detail image-S5L51
Second, it has the meaning of honor and good energy.
Clouds have long been a symbol of auspicious energy.
It appeared when a god came, or when a holy figure was born.
bag detail image-S5L53
<Topaz mixed with white and yellow colors>

This is a jade-shaped pendant using waste plastic, not real jade.
bag detail image-S5L55
<Jade mixed with white and black light>

This is a jade-shaped pendant using waste plastic, not real jade.
The 'stringsul' knot of the royal norigae used by the queen
bag detail image-S8L33
영친왕비 대삼작 노리개 | 국립고궁박물관
The design of the knot was also very careful for the Plaok Soother.
With the motif of Norigae, Queen Yeongchin of the Joseon Dynasty, we used “stringsul” rather than the “bongsul” design commonly used for norigae.
Stringsul is made by tying several strands of braid to make it look like a tulle, so it does not unravel like a pongsul.

It takes 3 times longer than normal stick art, and it is difficult to manufacture.
bag detail image-S8L36
bag white color image-S8L37
Knotted / Tassel type two versions

✦Hwang sori → stable. Settlement

✦Enemy Soother → Passion. patience

✦Black soother → Flexibility. harmony in the relationship

✦Chung Norigae → Motivation. challenge. start

✦Back Norigae → Strong. realistic judgment
1. Knotted
bag detail image-S8L40
bag detail image-S8L41
1. Knotted
bag detail image-S8L43
bag detail image-S8L44
bag detail image-S8L46
bag detail image-S8L45
Knotted vs Tassel Comparison
bag product image-S8L48
bag white color image-S8L49
✦ Use as a bag decoration
bag detail image-S8L51
Decorate your bag with an amulet or symbol for yourself.
✦Dreamcatcher, doorbell utilization
bag detail image-S8L54
bag detail image-S8L55
bag detail image-S8L56
Use it as a Korean dream catcher by hanging it on the door or hanging it on the bedside or wall.
✦Coordinated with daily look
Attach it to your trouser belt loop for a special look.
bag model image-S8L60
bag model image-S8L61
Jade wear comment: It was so light I didn't even know I was wearing a soother~ haha
It is very light to wear and to go looking for a soother.
And even though it's plastic, it feels like jade, so it's real plastic??
It's so pretty and not too burdensome, so it's good to coordinate with a daily general look ^^
✦ Coordinate with daily life hanbok
bag model image-S8L64
bag model image-S8L65
bag product image-S8L66
Bonbon wear comment: Small but powerful! The completeness of the outfit is completely different when it is present and when it is not.
It is perfect as a point for a boring look. Please complete the missing coordination.
bag model image-S8L67
bag model image-S9L1
Dini wearing comment: I've worn a lot of soothers over the years, but this is the first one that's as light as Plaok!
To be honest, real jade is heavy, but I was careful not to break it, but flaok was so special because it was so much less of a concern.
The one and only Plaok in the world!!! It's not heavy at all even when layered, so it's perfect to wear for a long time ♥
✦Used as AirPods and car keyrings
bag detail image-S9L5
bag detail image-S9L6
bag detail image-S9L7
bag white color image-S5L60
bag burgundy color image-S9L8
bag detail image-S5L61
Give it as a meaningful gift to a friend who is about to have a big job, such as an exam or interview.
Gift it to your foreign friends who want to know about Korean culture.
We will send you an explanation with the meaning and symbol of PLAKOK NORIGAE.
It contains two explanations in Korean and English so that you can use it as a gift for your foreign friends.
We also prepared a gift wrapping package.
Reflecting the purpose of upcycled products to minimize plastic and waste, gift wrapping is provided for a fee to those who choose it.
This is a box + shopping bag set.
bag blue color image-S5L65
bag white color image-S5L66
Wait, all paper is recycled?
Even paper boxes that are coated are considered general waste that cannot be recycled.
The package of PLAKOK NORIGAE is made in a recyclable form as shown below.

Use of FSC certified paper
Minimize colored ink
When laminating, use eco-friendly wheat glue instead of chemical glue

※ What is FSC certification? A label affixed to products produced in places certified for sustainable forest management in order to prevent indiscriminate deforestation and destruction of the global environment.
bag white color image-S5L68
bag white color image-S5L69
Gift Wrap Set (Box + Shopping Bag)
If you have selected multiple NORIGAE and only one gift wrapping, PLAKOK NORIGAE will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and sent.
You can wrap it directly in the gift wrapping set you received!
As above, insert the ring of NORIGAE into the hole and fix it!
If gift wrapping is not selected, it will be shipped in the form below.
The external appearance may not be beautiful, but it is a form that does not have any problems with product function and damage.
Thank you for your understanding.
bag detail image-S5L73
LEESLE aims to minimize the impact on the environment,
We want to use sustainable packaging materials.
This may make the packaging not as beautiful.
We would like to thank our sponsors for their understanding of the purpose.
bag white color image-S5L75
bag detail image-S5L76
Because PLAKOK naturally forms marble as the plastic melts, there are no identical patterns and each is finished differently.
Some pendants may have a higher percentage of white, others may have a higher percentage of black.
This coincidence is the charm of PLAKOK and differentiates it as a one-of-a-kind product.

Although colors are mixed in proportion, there may be differences in the arrangement and depth of patterns, and rewards are sent randomly.
bag detail image-S5L78
PLAKOK is produced in two colors and is made of materials that we can meet in a friendly way in our daily life.
bag detail image-S5L80
Yellow: toy, spam lid
Transparent: Lock and Lock

Black jade
Black: Convenience store lunch container
White: Delivery container, Hetbahn
In our traditional attire, each color and every pattern has a meaning.
I wanted to tell such a story.
I hope that you will get good energy with PLAKOK NORIGAE and that the year of the sponsors will be prosperous and happy.
◆Knot type
bag product image-S9L9
Size: Pendant size 4.8cm in diameter / 12cm in knot length / 19cm in total length / 17g in weight

Material: waste plastic + soother liquor + metal subsidiary materials

Depending on the measurement method, the measured length may have an error of about 1 cm.
tassel type
bag product image-S5L83
Size: Pendant Size Diameter 4.8cm / Knot Length 7~7.5cm / Total Length 19cm / Weight 17g

Material: waste plastic + soother liquor + metal subsidiary materials

Depending on the measurement method, the measured length may have an error of about 1 cm.
gift wrapping
bag blue color image-S5L86
Size: Width 290 Length 100 Height 50 (Unit mm)

Material: Non-coated FSC certified paper, eco-friendly wheat paste

Depending on the measurement method, the measured length may have an error of about 0.5 cm.


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